EXPOSED: proffesor Walter Oyawa linked to rape, fraud and corruption, bribed journalist to delete articles – Source

Newsnetkenya, an online blog has revealed serious revelations  implicating proffesor Walter Oyawa in rape scandal, corruption spree and other evils hence raising question  whether he is fit to hold any public office.

According to a  reliable  source quoted by the blog,  the educated Oyawa who also holds a public office is linked to a rape scandal and not many days ago   escaped a jail term by  bribing senior court officials and  Journalists who covered his stories and even helped him pull down some articles that had exposed him.

” I managed to access some of the articles that has documented Oyawa’s evils only to realize that they have been deleted, it’s so unfortunate that Oyawa even after corrupting the court went ahead to corrupt journalists who decided to splash his bad names with oil, ” the source  exclusively told Kenyamiror.

The source  now wants the Ethics and Anti-graft agency to move with speed and probe him and if possible  suspend him from his current position.
” He is not fit to hold any public office, a rapist who used money to get justice needs to be out of the office,” the source added.

The Embattled proffesor was a VC  at the Multimedia university, was appointed the Director General NACOSTI and later appointed the Chair of the East African Science and Technology Commission (EASTECO) Governing Board, an institution of the East African Community (EAC).

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This all was done without checking his previous records that are scaring.x

Experts now  warns that he is illegally holding the Office a petition over his removal needs to be filed in court.

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” He is illegally holding the office, his tainted name does not allow him to hold that office, he is a rapist , a funny corrupt person ,” he added.

We are in possession of key evidence that we shall reveal in our next year January expose’ to ascertain that the proffesor is a Dangerous in the society.

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